VIDEO: Molinaro Loses Race for NYS Governor

Marcus Molinaro Concession Speech

POUGHKEEPSIE – With hundreds of supporters along with friends and family gathered at the Poughkeepsie Grandview, Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro gave a gracious concession speech after losing his bid for New York State Governor to Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo.  Cuomo will serve his third term as Governor, after receiving 61.4 percent of the votes compared to Molinaro’s 34.3 percent as of 11 p.m.

Through a hoarse voice Molinaro thanked his immediate family and got a little emotional with a crack in his voice when acknowledging his wife Corrine, and his mom and dad.

“We are amazing state,” Molinaro told the enthusiastic crowd.  “We are as diverse as we are united, and we have far much more in common than divides us.  But there are those who are on the inside, and those who feel like they’re looking on from the outside.  So I would just say with great compassion and respect, that I challenge Governor Cuomo to work with all of those New Yorkers who feel they’re on the outside.   I’m going to spend the next year and a half as County Executive doing the same thing”, said Molinaro.