NEWBURGH, NY– Recognizing his private sector experience as a business owner in our area,the nation’s leading advocate for small business, the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), has backed Tom Basile over James Skoufis in the race to succeed Bill Larkin. NFIB has previously given Skoufis failing grades for his repeated votes for higher taxes, more regulations and spending that stifle the economy.

Basile announced the endorsement during a roundtable discussion with local business leaders in Newburgh hosted by members of local chambers of commerce and other business owners. “For six years James Skoufis has been a rubber stamp for the NYC-liberal agenda that crushes small business owners in this state. We need a Senator who will support pro-growth policies that help our businesses and create jobs, not kill them.”

“I know what it means to take the risk of starting a business and meeting a payroll. Local small businesses employ over 60 percent of our state’s workforce. They are the job creators, but they grow jobs if tax, regulate and spend politicians like James Skoufis control the State Senate,” said Basile who is running on the Republican, Conservative and Independence Party lines on November 6, to succeed longtime-Senator Bill Larkin. Skoufis has voted for more than $15 billion in additional taxes and voted repeatedly for programs that would require massive tax increases to fund.

“We need a real economic development policy that rewards all job creators, instead of picking winners and losers like we’ve done for the past eight years. We need Albany to make it easier for local governments to provide meaningful property tax incentives for businesses willing to invest in our communities and relief for everyone from the outrageous property tax burden,” Basile said. Skoufis has also voted for billions in failed corporate welfare programs including $420 million annual giveaways to Hollywood producers.

During the roundtable discussion, Basile and business leaders addressed a wide range of issues including opposing the Governor’s plan to end tipped wage, a scheme that would devastate local restaurants and staff. Basile’s recently-announced property tax reform plan and infrastructure initiatives were also addressed as ways to improve the business climate locally.

Basile also discussed his earlier proposal to introduce legislation, tentatively named the New York Labor Apprenticeship Act, that would create a dollar-for-dollar state income or business tax credit up to a certain threshold for direct contributions to apprenticeship, vocational training, or continuing skills education programs for unions that require such programs. The credit would also be used to boost cooperatives for practical skills training between trade or industry groups and public or private schools.

NFIB was the latest in a string of groups and leaders to back Basile. In addition to Senator Larkin, Basile has previously announced the support of County Executives Neuhaus and Day; Sheriff Carl DuBois; Legislators Brescia of Montgomery, Vero of Chester, Stegenga of Blooming Grove, Litt of Plattekill, Gerentine of Marlborough, and Tuohy of Monroe; Supervisors Piaquadio of Newburgh, Jeroloman of Blooming Grove, Cardone of Monroe, Monaghan of Stony Point, Croce of Plattekill, Carnes of Crawford, Winchell of Montgomery; and Mayors LoFranco of South Blooming Grove, Dwyer of Monroe, Queenan of Woodbury and Rumbold of Walden, as well as numerous other local officials and organizations.