VIDEO: 9/11 Memorial Service and Dedication in LaGrange

LaGrange – The Sunrise Rotary hosted a 9/11 Memorial and tribute to former Rotarian James Fagan, who died from Parkinson’s Disease.
Representing the Sunrise Rotary, Jen Dunn, of State Farm Insurance, MC’d the event that included a presentation of the colors by the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Department, the singing of the National Anthem, led by Nancy Auffath, and invocation by Pastor Henry Albrechtsen, and appearances by Marcus Molinaro and James Faso.

“We have to remember that on this day, 17 years ago, real lives were lost and never forget that there are families and individuals who still carry that pain with them.”, said Molinaro, “and we have to recall the moments that followed where we tried to pull ourselves back together, lift ourselves back up and really reach out to something better and greater than any one person.”, he added.
Taps was played and a memorial wreath laid at the foot of the 9/11 Memorial, by Barry Ward, representing the LaGrange Fire Department.

The plaque at the memorial reads:

A dedication to former Rotarian James Fagan was offered by fellow Rotarian and friend, Larry Sullivan. “Jim wanted to plant a memorial after the events of 9/11.”, said Sullivan. “He was a proud American, having served our country during the Korean conflict”. Speaking of the memorial garden that greets guests entering Stringham Park, Sullivan added, “Jim was the main visionary and architect of what you see here today”.

Fagan’s grandson Spencer Koonin spoke of his grandfather and what 9/11 means to him and his fellow classmates at Arlington High School. Koonin is President of the Student Council.

“The children such as myself who were born in 2001 are now going to become the future leaders of America”, said Koonin. “We have been raised as a strong generation by families who have understood hardship and what it means to be a role model and a proud American.”

A sign with Fagan’s name was presented to the crowd that had gathered for the morning service.