UPDATE: Shooting at Westchester Medical Center


The shooting happened on the fourth floor in a patient room.  The attending nurse was not in the room at the time of he shooting.  A male visitor came in and shot the female patient lying in bed.  The responding nurse found the body of the man on the floor. Both were pronounced dead in the hospital room. Both people appeared to be in their 70’s and Westchester County residents..  Police believe they were related.  The shots came from a .38 Caliber revolver.


VALHALLA – The Westchester County Department of Public Safety has confirmed a shooting at Westchester Medical Center (WMC) in Valhalla. The incident was contained to a single room. The situation appears to be under control.  WNBC-TV first reported that the incident at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla may be the result of an apparent murder-suicide after reported shots on the fourth floor. Police responded to the hospital on Woods Road shortly after 9:30 this morning.  More info as it develops.