Business Newsmakers with Guest Judith Papo of Legal Shred

BN Judiith Papo and Legal Shred

HOPEWELL JUNCTION – Business Newsmakers welcomes Judith Papo of Legal Shred. In these times of identity theft and computer hacking Legal Shred has become a necessary way for every home and business with sensitive information that requires shredding.  Laws require companies to comply with regulatory requirements but it’s more than that. It’s about offering yourself and your customers’ peace of mind that all confidential and private information will not fall into the wrong hands and be at risk for identity theft. Legal Shred started off as HV Shred, “because we wanted to dominate the area we live in,” said President Judith Papo.  But since opening, the company went through some ownership changes and some growth and broadened its horizons.

Sponsored by Tompkins Mahopac Bank, show host Filomena Fanelli talks with Judith about how she grew this business with a personal connection and personal touch.


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