Inmate Attacks Several Guards at Coxsackie State Prison

COXSACKIE–An inmate serving four years for weapons possession and attempted robbery attacked and injured several corrections officers on Nov. 5 at the maximum security prison in Greene County, authorities said Monday.

As an officer was escorting the 21-year-old inmate back to his cell, he struck the officer in the face, according to a press release by the New York State Correctional and Police Benevolent Association.

Coxsackie Correctional Facility in Greene County.

The officer tried to control the inmate with a body hold, but he resisted, causing them both to fall down a flight of stairs.

At that point, the inmate broke free, and two additional corrections officers pursued him back to the housing area, the labor union said. While there, he charged at another officer, but was quickly detained by multiple officers.

They then placed the inmate in mechanical restraints to escort him to the facility clinic, but he refused to walk and began to fight the escorting officers, who regained control and carried him to the clinic, the union said.

Again, the inmate became violent, kicking and striking one of the escorting officers.

After he was evaluated by medical staff, he was brought to the special housing unit. He faces internal disciplinary charges, and the incident was reported to state police, authorities said.

Seven officers were treated for minor injuries at the medical clinic. Two were transported to Albany Medical Center, with one sustaining a fractured hand. Both were treated and released.

Coxsackie Correctional Facility at 11260 Route 9W houses 900 adult male inmates.