White Plains Education & Training Center Opens for Business

The Prelude - photo credit Vanni archive

The Prelude – First Phase of Winbrook Redevelopment – Now Complete

WHITE PLAINS – White Plains Mayor Tom Roach, White Plains Housing Authority Director Mack Carter, and developer Jonathan Rose were joined Thursday, March 10, 2016, by local, state and federal officials as they cut the ribbon and officially opened the Prelude and the White Plains Education & Training Center (WPETC).

The Prelude - photo credit Vanni archive
The Prelude – photo credit Vanni archive

Located in downtown White Plains, the Prelude is the first phase of a long-term transformation and comprehensive revitalization of the White Plains Housing Authority’s 450-unit public housing campus.

The recently completed Phase One project includes 103 affordable housing units and the White Plains Education and Training Center, which provides comprehensive education and training to promote economic empowerment, self-sufficiency and financial independence for residents and the greater White Plains community.

It is a model project for the redevelopment of a housing authority campus and represents an opportunity to realize a true mixed-use and mixed-income community, while at the same time building on White Plains’ commitment to affordable housing.

“I am excited to unveil this important project to the public,” said Mayor Tom Roach. “It is a unique project in Westchester County and the region for several reasons. First, in re-envisioning our largest public housing site, we are challenging preconceived notions about public housing and throwing out old prejudices in favor of a new, progressive view which recognizes that our community succeeds when everyone in it – not just some – have a chance to succeed.

Prelude -Second, we have taken the need for real-time job training and skills development and brought it directly to residents in an easily accessible manner and location. And third, we strengthen the City’s economic position and attractiveness by being able to say to employers and potential employers -We can provide you with the skilled workforce that you need.”

Mack Carter, Executive Director of the White Plains Housing Authority said, “The dream of Winbrook residents to finally move into new, high quality homes is now a reality. The Winbrook community can now say with pride, “We are not being left behind; we are moving forward.” The Board of Commissioners, Management and Staff are proud to have delivered on our promise to begin the transformation of our Public Housing while at the same time ensuring that no resident was displaced in the process.  The Education and Training Center is another key aspect to the redevelopment and I predict it will become a jewel in our community — a place where anyone in our City can apply for vocational training and be given the opportunity to succeed. Thank you Mr. Mayor, the members of the Common Council and City contributing departments for your leadership and support. The complexity of this project required that we access multiple sources of funding. In addition to the City of White Plains contribution, two of the largest sources were Bank of America and Westchester County. Their financial support ensured that the project would be a success from beginning to end.”

Jonathan Rose, of Jonathan Rose Companies, said, “We are thrilled to partner with the White Plains Housing Authority, pairing our design, construction, and asset management expertise with the Housing Authority’s leadership as a housing provider,” said Jonathan F.P. Rose, founder of the Jonathan Rose Companies. “The Prelude and the White Plains Education & Training Center  will not only provide quality affordable housing for working people in White Plains, but access to critical education and training programs that are essential to building a successful community.”

“The Prelude at Brookfield Commons is a great example of the tremendous impact public and private collaboration can have on communities,” said Todd Gomez, Northeast Market Executive for Community Development Banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.  “The project represents the first step in bringing a vibrant new look to the White Plains Housing Authority’s campus. We are very excited to work with Mayor Roach, Jonathan Rose Companies, the White Plains Housing Authority and all of our other partners to make The Prelude and the White Plains Education and Training Center a reality.”