Le’ Express Bistro & Bar Tells A Story With Every Dish


WAPPINGERS FALLS – “As restaurateurs, we have to be the story tellers of our region”, states John Lekic, the owner of Le Express Bistro & Bar in Wappingers Falls.

Lekic makes a point to create dishes that tell the story of the local Hudson Valley farmers and growers. ” I’m very passionate about the Hudson Valley. I can go and source my own produce at the local farms. Here, you can build and maintain these great relationships”.5

Le’ Express is a modern French American Bistro that draws its inspiration not only from classic French dishes but also from some of the foods that are the legacy of the former French Colonies from around the world.

Lekic has been in the industry for past 20 years and has worked in some of the finest restaurants in New York City, Las Vegas. He moved from New York City to the Hudson Valley ten years ago.
The goal at Le Express is to utilize as much product and ingredients as possible from the local Hudson Valley farmers, to create a special place that will provide each patron with a memorable dining experience. 12193677_1014662921927116_6708781943821149730_n

“One of the things that is important for us as restaurateurs is to connect with the local farmers, you have to tell the stories about the farms, about the products, how its done.”

The story that Le’ Express tells is a colorful one. Each dish is made with many local ingredients from various farms in Wappingers Falls, Amenia, Poughkeepsie, Highland, and more. The restaurant dedicates a section of its website http://lexpresshv.com/ to the local farmers.

12289643_1024527280940680_5072046709853016664_n“It’s a very diverse menu, you get inspired by everything that is available here locally.”, says Lekic.

Le’ Express Bistro and Bar is open for lunch every Tuesday through Friday, and open for dinner every Tuesday through Sunday. It is located at 1820 New Hackensack Road in Wappingers Falls, NY.