The New Dyson Breast Center Provides One-Stop Care

Produced by Sean Martinelli and Roger Connor

The Dyson Breast Center provides state-of-the-art 3D imaging in a spa-like care center.

“We have built a calming, comprehensive, spa-like breast center to promote services for both benign breast disease and breast

Dr. Angela Keleher, Director of Breast Surgery; Dyson Breast Center

cancer,” said Dr. Angela Keleher, breast surgeon and director of the Dyson Breast Center. “We also provide the expertise of well-trained caregivers, the advanced technology and facilities needed for accurate screening and diagnosis of breast disease, and programs and support services that assist patients in navigating the challenge of breast cancer.”

The latest addition to the Vassar Brothers Medical Center is the $4.2 Million Dyson Breast Center. It provides patients with one-stop access to experts and technology required for routine and comprehensive breast imaging. The new center has separate and discrete areas for patients who need additional diagnostic procedures.

The Dyson Breast Center occupies 11,746 square feet on the second floor of the Vassar Ambulatory Surgery Center on the corner of Reade Place and Lincoln Avenue on the Vassar Brothers campus.

The center includes exam rooms, a procedure room, offices for surgeons, radiologists, nurses and support staff and a spacious registration and patient waiting area.

The Dyson Breast Center also features a dedicated imaging suite with new technology to bring it to the cutting-edge of detection of breast cancer.

Two new, state-of-the-art mammography/tomosynthesis units are the first of their kind in the region. These produce high-quality 3-D images of the breast, using the equivocal safe dosage of radiation as standard digital mammography.

“This highly sensitive 3-D equipment decreases the need for calling patients back in for additional screenings and increases the cancer-detection rate,” Keleher said.

The imaging suite also features a general patient waiting area, a separate waiting area for women needing more than just a routine mammogram, patient-robing rooms, ultrasound rooms, mammography/tomosynthesis screening rooms, a bone-density screening room, a prone-stereotactic biopsy room, and an image-reading room.

“In creating this center, we are meeting the needs of the community so doctors can refer their patients here and those patients can stay close to home for high level breast-care services given by specialists in the field,” Keleher said. “We also have a high risk center that follows up with survivors who need continued care and those unaffected by cancer but who have a family history and need special focused attention.”

The center was made possible thanks in part to generous donations from friends of Vassar Brothers Medical Center, including $1 million from the Dyson Foundation.