Kathy Welsh

Kathy Welsh

Head Start Project Focuses on Clothing

Head Start student Itzel Vazquez, age 3, tries on her paper bag hat. Photo provided

SCOTCHTOWN – Students at Regional Economic Community Action Program Head Start school in Scotchtown presented a Mad Hatter parade for parents on Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018.

Students explored sensory variety, design and construction to create hats from paper shopping bags which were decorated with paint, feathers, sequins and other adornments.

The show incorporated musical instruments, singing, and dancing. The parade was the last project in an educational unit on clothing.

Head Start Project Focuses on Clothing

Head Start students before their Mad Hatter parade. Photo provided

“The study helps students understand how clothing isn’t just something that comes from the store,” said Center Liaison Michelle Taggart who oversees the Scotchtown Head Start school. “Material comes from plants and animals and is made into clothing by people. We talked about how people with different occupations wear certain clothing and also how we use it to express ourselves.”

Students learned about variety, design and construction. A parent visited the classroom to demonstrate crochet and talk about how different materials come together to make clothing. Students made “shopping list” collages from magazine images and learned about matching and sorting, and how occupations have specific clothing needs.


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