Kathy Welsh

Kathy Welsh

Deer Jumps Through Law Office Window in Fishkill

What remains of a glass window after a deer jumped into a law office. Photo provided

FISHKILL – About 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 13, Heather Olivadoti, a paralegal for Ronald K. Friedman, Esq. was sitting at her desk when she heard a loud noise… and then the shatter of glass. Friedman’s law office is located at 1012 Main Street in the Village of Fishkill.

“I thought a car drove into the building!” exclaimed Olivadoti.

“I looked up to see a full size doe that had just jumped through my window and was inside my office,” added Olivadoti.

Deer Jumps Through Law Office Window in Fishkill

Cleaning up shards of glass. Photo provided

She ran outside of her office next door to the post office and asked someone to call 911.

She waited for Fishkill police to arrive. “They showed up with, I believe it was, DEC. The police asked me if the deer was still in the office, which she was, and then asked of there was a back entrance to my office.”

Deer Jumps Through Law Office Window in Fishkill

Glass fragments inside the law office of Ronald Friedman, Esq.

As the police investigated, Olivadoti went back to her desk to retrieve the keys to unlock the back door. Both she and the officer went to the back of the building.

“We looked in the window of the door and could not see the deer, but the police officer still unlocked the back door.”

Deer Jumps Through Law Office Window in Fishkill

Some deer fur left behind. Photo provided

Within a few minutes the deer ran out of the office and behind the Fishkill post office, jumped the fence and took off into the neighborhood, Olivadoti said.

No one was injured; however the deer may have sustained a scrape or two from the broken glass.


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