Kathy Welsh

Kathy Welsh

RECAP Hosts Poverty Simulation at Cornwall High School

A RECAP volunteer occupies the pawn shop station at the poverty simulation. Photo provided

CORNWALL – Regional Economic Community Action Program (RECAP) hosted a poverty simulation on Friday, Feb. 9 for staff of the Cornwall Central School District.

Held nationwide by nonprofits and community action groups, the interactive events let participants experience issues faced by people living in poverty.

Over 75 educators and administrators were assigned identities of low-income families and visited stations occupied by RECAP staff and volunteers. Stations included police, social services, education, health centers, and financial institutions.

RECAP Hosts Poverty Simulation at Cornwall High School

Participants prepare for a poverty simulation experience at Cornwall High School. Photo provided

Families were assigned various amounts of money, transportation vouches, and personal hardships such as medical issues, children with learning disabilities, and unemployment.

RECAP Chief Operating Officer Michele McKeon facilitated the event, beginning with misconceptions about poverty, before letting participants visit the stations.

In a debriefing following the experience participants shared perceptions and talked about intergenerational poverty and sources of support within the community.


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