KINGSTON–It was a fortunate outcome at a Chinese restaurant that involved an honest pair, some good police work and a grateful business owner.

A Port Ewen resident and guest from Orlando, Fla. are being hailed as heroes for finding and returning a bank bag containing $4,000 in the parking lot behind Eng’s restaurant at 726 Broadway.

According to Kingston police, the unidentified pair had dined at the restaurant on Friday. The two spotted the lost bag and turned it over to an employee at the Chinese restaurant who then contacted authorities.

Good Fortune at Kingston Chinese Restaurant

Eng’s restaurant at 726 Broadway in Kingston.

Detective Lt. Thierry Croizer said police began looking for the owner. It turned out to be a business person, whom he declined to identify.

Croizer posted the account on Facebook Monday morning, calling it a “feel-good story” that deserved attention.

“We often deal with the negatives,” he said. “There are very few times that we actually deal with positive outcomes. We rarely see the good side, and this time, we were a part of it.

“It restores faith in humanity. There is a lot of good that isn’t seen or just isn’t publicized, so I just wanted to make sure it got publicized.”

As for the customers who returned the lost money, Croizer had nothing but praise for their integrity.

“Had someone else taken it, who knows. It could have been gone forever. Although we have all the names of the parties involved and are not releasing them to protect them, we just wanted this out there,” he said. “There’s a lot of good people, and they’re not being recognized for the good deeds that they do.”

Naturally, the business owner was “very grateful for the kindness of strangers,” the lieutenant said.

“They didn’t expect someone to turn in that large sum of cash,” he said.

“We are happy to have played a small part in this happy story. Usually, the only time we get involved is when something is stolen. We want to say thank you to the two people who found the money and thank you to the Eng’s employee who called us.”


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