Kathy Welsh

Kathy Welsh

RHINEBECK – Rhinebeck Bank has announced their most recent artist on display in Rhinebeck: Suzanne Clune.

Her abstract paintings will be on display in the Rhinebeck Branch until Dec. 8.

Rhinebeck Bank Announces New Artist on Display

By artist Suzanne Clune

Clune was born in the Hudson Valley to a family of educators. In her early years, her grandmother discovered and nurtured her artistic abilities and talents. This early attention to her artistic side helped lead her to continue honing her skills in college. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Purchase College, and a Masters in Music and Art from Columbia University, then deciding on a career as an operatic soprano.

Over the years the allure of dramatic expression progressed and lead her into visual art, specifically to abstract expressionism. As an operatic singer, she was constricted to existing compositions, but the visual arts allowed her to be more spontaneous and creative. She said, “The visual arts let me dive deep in my inner imagination. It is all me and all mine to give…My art is a way of finding the true meaning of myself.”

Over time, her paintings have naturally transitioned to larger canvases with a more brilliant palette and greater texture. Her work has been reviewed and chosen by a panel of distinguished jurors to become a member of the National Association of Women Artists Inc. Her paintings can be found in the archives of many art museums such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of Art, the Smithsonian, and The Library of Congress.

Clune continues to paint in her studio in the Hudson Valley.

The Artwork Program at Rhinebeck Bank is aimed at showcasing local artists by giving them a convenient way to reach viewers, get publicity, and sell their works. Rhinebeck Bank is always happy to hear from additional artists who would like to show their art, and will work with them to schedule a viewing period in one of their branches. Interested parties can reach out by emailing Artwork@RhinebeckBank.com. Simply submit a sample of your work and which location, Beacon or Rhinebeck, you are interested in. The program is entirely free to participate in. There is no cost to hang or display work, nor does the bank take any commission on works that are sold as a result of any publicity.



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