Putnam voters are selecting candidates for County and Local offices as well as for State Supreme Court position.

There are also three proposals and a Brewster Library addition proposition. HVNN.com will be updating the results as the numbers come in.

County Sheriff

Donald B. Smith, R,C,I,REF         23,261

Robert L. Langley, D,WE              23,464


 County Legislator for District 2

William J. Gouldman, R,C,I,REF     2,740

Anthony M. Williams, D,WF             2,394


 County Legislator District 3

Toni E. Addonizio, R,C,I,REF          3,275

Philip J. Tolmach, D,WF                    2,182


Town of Carmel Councilman (2 selected)

Frank D. Lombardi, I,REF               2,850

Judie Mirra, D                                  2,567

Michael A. Barile, R,C,I                  10,236

Suzanne F. McDonough, R,C           9,166


Kent Town Supervisor

Maureen A. Fleming, D,C,WF,WEP        4,326

Patricia Madigan, R,I                               2,388


Town of Kent Council (2 selected)

Jason J. Makely, D,WF                          2,646

Paul E. Denbaum, R,C,I                         3,366

Stephen M. Papas, D,WF                       2,664

William H. Huestis, R,C,I                        4.058


Town of Kent justice (2 selected)

Kevin L. Douchkoff, D,R,C,I                      6,011

Pamela B. Richardson, D,WF,WEP          3,074

Timothy J. Curtiss, R,C,I                           3,704


Patterson council (2 selected)

Joseph P. Capasso, I                               580

Mary E. Smith, R,C                                 3,196

Peter J. Dandreano, R,C,I                       3,558


Patterson Town Justice

Kevin Burns, D,I                                       2,502

Michael V. Caruso, R,C                            2,569


Philipstown council (2 selected)

John J. VanTassel, D,Team Philipstown            4,937

Michael P. Leonard, D,Team Philipstown           4,200

Timothy M. Greco, R,C                                       2,282


Putnam Valley Town Justice

Gina C. Capone, D,C,WF,WEP                          4,114

Michael A. Adamovich, R,I,REF                         1,710


Southeast Council (2 selected)

Robert S. Cullen, R,C,I                                        3,944

Elizabeth D. Hudak, R,C,I,REF                            4,167

John Lord, D,We the People                                3,844

Melinda C. Montanaro, D,We the People            3,726


Southeast Proposition

Brewster Library addition


State Supreme Court Justice for the 9th Judicial District

Christi J. Acker, D,WF                  22,018

Linda M. Murray, R,C,I                  23,548


Statewide Proposals

Proposal 1: Constitutional Convention                                        Yes:3,007     No: 21,346

Proposal 2: Forfeit felonious official’s pension                             Yes: 17,547     No: 6,375

Proposal 3: Allow some uses in forest preserve land                   Yes: 12,094    No: 11,488


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