Kathy Welsh

Kathy Welsh

NEWBURGH – The Newburgh Teachers’ Association (NTA), in collaboration with the Newburgh Armory Unit Center (NAUC) welcomed local children and their families to the 2nd Annual Book Give Away.  NTA members and their children were on hand to staff the event.

Newburgh Teachers Association’s 2nd Annual Book Give Away

NTA members and their children were on hand to staff the event. Photo provided

The NTA, consisting of over 2,000 teachers, teaching assistants, substitutes, and retirees, collected new and gently used books to give away to the local students. It is their aim to promote literacy and a love of reading.

“It was a wonderful event enjoyed by the community members and the volunteers,” said Stacy Moran, President of the NTA. “This is one of the best events that we do. It has grown a lot since last year. We look forward to doing this event again in the spring.”

“To see the smiles on these kids’ faces when they walk out with the books is awesome,” said Philip Howard from the Executive Committee of the Newburgh Armory Unit Center. “This day is all about the kids. The Armory is a very strong advocate for Early Literacy, and we are really happy to have the opportunity to partner with an organization who shares our passion for kids to be successful!”

“I want to say thank you,” said Andrew Johnston, member of the Newburgh Enlarged City School District Board of Education. “It was a great event. The NTA’s support of literacy in the district is outstanding. Getting books into the hands of kids is great.”

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“What more could I ask for on my 90th Birthday!” said William Kaplan, Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Newburgh Armory Unity Center. “I loved seeing the smiles on the faces of so many children as they chose from an incredible number of books! I am happy for the collaboration between the Armory and the NTA, allowing for such a great day! Literacy is the antidote to poverty, and connecting our children to books is a great start in the direction of ensuring libraries for future siblings or relatives!”

Many students, like fifth grader Zaori came to the Give Away for new books. “I love books and reading,” she said.

Over the past year, the NTA hosted and/or participated and volunteered in many events, in addition to the Book Give Away including a Family Movie Day and the annual Lap4Life Run.

“These events are successful in so many ways,” said Moran. “We see wonderful participation from our members. We are able to provide resources to our students in the Newburgh schools. Finally, we build and strengthen relationships both internally with our members and externally with our parents and community. We look forward to spending the next year building on this great groundwork.”


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