Kathy Welsh

Kathy Welsh

POUGHKEEPSIE – Three employees of Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation were recently recognized by the energy company for their quick thinking and outstanding demonstration of compassion when coming to the aid of local residents in distress.

Central Hudson Trio Recognized for Aiding Residents During Medical Emergencies

L-R: Krista Pantaline, Patrick Mahony, Nicole Rist. Photo provided

Commercial Representatives Nicole Rist, Krista Pantaline and Patrick Mahony, each on separate occasions, encountered and assisted residents experiencing medical emergencies.

“During their normal course of work, these employees took life-saving steps to help their neighbors in need,” said Michael L. Mosher, President and C.E.O. of Central Hudson.  “We are proud of their actions and their willingness to provide comfort and seek aid for others.” Mosher explained that while the employees were not specifically trained to provide medical assistance, they understood and followed though upon their duty to public safety.

Nicole Rist was working in Ellenville, Ulster County, on Oct. 11, 2017, when she came across a man lying face down on the sidewalk. Rist and another resident immediately attended to the man who was presumably in diabetic shock and unable to state his name. Rist offered the man a granola bar and water from her truck and called 911. The man ultimately became more coherent and was able to provide his address. With that information, Rist was able to contact the man’s daughter, and he was brought safely home.

On October 18, 2017, Krista Pantaline was working in the Town of Cornwall, Orange County, and witnessed an elderly man stumble and fall off of the sidewalk, striking his head on the pavement. Pantaline immediately ran to him as he lay motionless, then called 911 and continued to tend to him until emergency help arrived. “He needed help, and I’m glad that I was there to provide it,” said Pantaline.

Patrick Mahony was driving in Beacon, Dutchess County, in June 2017, and observed a man falling and dropping his grocery bags. Mahony tried to speak with the man, but all the individual could do was point to the grocery bags. Mahony gave the man a candy bar from one of the bags and then checked him for signs of serious injury, but found none. He helped the man to his feet and walked him home, where a nurse was able to provide further assistance.

“The actions of these employees illustrate their true character, and we’re honored by their commitment to serve others,” said Mosher. “We are truly fortunate to employ such caring people.”


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