Kathy Welsh

Kathy Welsh

Photos provided by SPCA of Westchester

BRIARCLIFF MANOR – The SPCA of Westchester announces the arrival of twenty three adorable cats and kittens that were safely transported to their Briarcliff Manor animal care campus last Thursday evening.

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, many Texas and Florida shelters were directly affected and had to quickly make room for the overwhelming amount of lost and displaced animals.

The SPCA quickly reached out to their state HSUS representative to find out how they could help animals currently living in those shelters most impacted by the hurricanes and was alerted that 13 felines desperately needed placement as soon as possible out of Texas.

Shortly after, an urgent call came in to assist with the rescue of 10 cats and kittens from Miami-Dade County Animal Services, who was prepping to make space as Irma fast approached.

“We’re honored to lend a small hand in making lives better for these cats and kittens who desperately needed a safe haven and second chance,” said the SPCA’s Executive Director Shannon Laukhuf.

A special Hurricane Emergency Fund has been set up for the lucky 23 at SPCA914.ORG.



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