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City of Poughkeepsie Democratic Primary Election Results

The incumbent members of the Poughkeepsie Common Council staved off challenges within their party and will move on to the November 7th General Election.  Lorraine Johnson, Ward 3; Randal Johnson II, Ward 7; and, Matthew McNamara, Ward 8, are the primary election winners.

The new-created Council At Large seat will be represented by Ann Finney for the Democrats.  The political newcomer defeated council member Mike Young who gave up running for re-election in Ward 2 for shot at the city-wide position. Finney moves on to the November election and will next take on Independent candidate Mario Johnson and the Republican write-in candidate winner (results are not available at press time in this race).

Here are the unofficial results from the Dutchess County Board of Elections:

City of Poughkeepsie Common Council

Ward 3: Nathaniel Almeida, 45 votes; Lorraine Johnson (I) 55 votes;

Ward 7: Jason Baker, 57 votes; Randall Johnson (I) 102 votes;

Ward 8: Matthew McNamara (I), 176 votes; Josh Simons 118 votes;

At-Large candidates: Ann Finney, 626 votes; Mike Young, 577 votes.

Two of the city’s Dutchess County Legislature districts had primary elections on Tuesday.  1st term Democrat Kari Rieser, representing District 9, has lost her seat to challenger Randy Johnson.  County Legislator for District 10, Barbara Jeter-Jackson, soundly defeated challenger Warren Jones.  Both Johnson and Jeter-Jackson will run unopposed on November 7th.

Dutchess County Legislature

District 9: Randy Johnson, 258 votes; Kari Rieser (I) 213 votes;

District 10: Barbara Jeter-Jackson (I), 222 votes; Warren Jones 77 votes.

The complete list of results for county and municipal primaries in Dutchess County can be found at:


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