Kathy Welsh

Kathy Welsh

Dale Borchert, Sue Serino, Jen Dunn. Photos provided

LAGRANGE – On Monday, Sept. 11, 2017 the LaGrange Sunrise Rotary Club held their annual 9/11 Memorial Service at Stringham Park in the Town of LaGrange.

This year marks a special year as we remember long time Rotarian, Jim Fagan (who passed away this year as a result of Parkinson’s).  Jim was instrumental in creating the memorial garden located at Stringham Park in the Town of LaGrange.

Approximately 75 community members came together to remember the events and pay tribute to those that lost their lives that fateful day.

Denise VanBuren

During this years’ service, we heard from NYS Senator Sue Serino, who provided remarks and encouraged the support of all those who serve.  Mrs. Kristen Ouimet’s 6th grade class walked over from Lagrange Middle School to join in our ceremony and share the yearlong project students are participating in this year based on the book, “Falling Towers” by Jewel Parker Rhodes.

Captain Schuyler VanBuren

The class performed “God Bless America” and toured the memorial garden.  Denise VanBuren of Central Hudson shared her personal reflection of how 9/11 shaped the lives of her family and specifically her son, Captain Schuyler VanBuren, West Point Class of 2013; 82nd Airborne Division; stationed in Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan. She provided all of us a deeper look into those who are actively serving, protecting our nation.

Jen Dunn, Kristen Ouimet

In addition, Dutchess County Chairman of the Legislature Dale Borchert provided the Invocation and Benediction, Dutchess County Sheriff’s Department provided the Color Guard and George Hunt, concluded the ceremony with Taps.

Kristen Ouimet and her class.

Nancy Auffarth, Sue Serino, Dale Borchert


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