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Dutchess County Legislature Democratic candidate for District 9, Kari Rieser:

Campaign website: Kari Rieser

Campaign Facebook page: Kari Rieser

NYS Voter District Information and Polling Place Locator

The 2017 New York State Primary Election for municipalities and counties is on Tuesday, September 12th.

To increase awareness of next week’s election and to help voters learn a little more about the candidates, HVNN is video-recording interviews with candidates in contested primary races.

Beginning with primary races for Poughkeepsie Common Council and Dutchess County Legislature, there are several contested races on the Democratic ballot:

City of Poughkeepsie Common Council

Ward 3: Nathaniel Almeida and Lorraine Johnson (I);

Ward 7: Jason Baker and Randall Johnson (I);

Ward 8: Matthew McNamara (I) and Josh Simons;

At-Large candidates: Ann Finney and Mike Young.

Dutchess County Legislature

District 9: Randy Johnson and Kari Rieser (I);

District 10: Barbara Jeter-Jackson (I) and Warren Jones;

District 16: Ved Shravah and Frits Zernike.

The candidates are being asked the same questions and have received the questions in advance:

  1. What are you “bringing to the table”?  What do you feel best qualifies you to serve on the Common Council/County Legislature?
  2. What are your top 3 priorities for the city/county and your ward/district?
  3. With you and your opponent both being in the same party, we can assume you share similar ideals – so, that said, why are you the better candidate to serve on the Poughkeepsie Common Council/Dutchess County Legislature?

Watch for links to new candidate videos throughout the weekend and up to Election Day, Tuesday, September 12th:

City of Poughkeepsie Common Council Democratic candidate for Ward 8, Josh Simons



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