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Charlie Cornacchio

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WALDEN, NY –  The Hudson Valley is known as the apple belt of New York, and within a 60 acre apple orchard in Walden, NY is the home of the Angry Orchard.

New York State is the second leading apple producing state in the country, with Washington being the first.  Like many of the orchards in the area, the Angry Orchard has been a farm since the 1700s and the first apple trees were planted around 100 years ago. The Crist Family took ownership of this orchard in 1963 and as leaders in the apple growing industry, grew both culinary and cider apples.

VIDEO: Angry Orchard..."How About Them Apples!"In 2002, the Crist family captured 40% of the U.S. hard cider market with it’s flagship flavors of Crisp Apple, Traditional Dry, and Apple Ginger. By 2014 that distribution rose to 50%, comprising 20% of the Boston Brewing Company’s output.

In 2016, Angry Orchard teamed with treehouse builder Pete Nelson to create a treehouse tasting room on Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters TV show.

At the Innovation Cider House in Angry Orchard, cider makers are constantly experimenting with new processes and techniques with the goal to develop interesting new styles for tasting on-site – some of which could eventually join our family of ciders that are available beyond the Hudson Valley.VIDEO: Angry Orchard..."How About Them Apples!"

The Hudson Valley also has a long cider making tradition. Before prohibition, cider apple orchards were common to find in the region. Cider has been made here for more than 200 years!


Labor Day marks the beginning of apple picking season and, while you can’t pick apples at the Angry Orchard, there are plenty of other places to pick your own! Apples, like wine grapes, take character from the local soil and climate and the Hudson Valley offers some of the best conditions in the country for growing apples: great soil, reasonable winters, wet springs, and humid summers.


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