Kathy Welsh

Kathy Welsh

NEWBURGH – The City of Newburgh Police Department has gone live with its ShotSpotter gunfire detection system.

This system will help the City of Newburgh Police Department continue its multifaceted approach to combating gun crime and shootings in the City of Newburgh.

City of Newburgh PD Goes Live with ShotSpotter


The ShotSpotter technology covers approximately 3 square miles of the City. This project has been in the works for months and is now live. ShotSpotter is a public safety system for gunfire detection.

ShotSpotter real-time alerts will notify City of Newburgh Police dispatchers of precisely when and where gun incidents occur so that officers can respond faster and more safely, recover evidence such as shell casings or guns, interview witnesses, and ensure timely medical attention for any gunshot victims. This system perfectly compliment the Newburgh Police Department’s other gun violence reduction programs like our Hotspot Policing model and Group Violence Intervention program.

Lieutenant in Charge Arron Weaver, “The City of Newburgh Police Department has had great success in recent years with reducing our gun violence thanks to state funded programs like GIVE (Gun Involved Violence Elimination) and the federally funded Project Safe Neighborhoods program that have allowed CNPD to focus on social programs and law enforcement partnerships to combat gun violence. The ShotSpotter technology is just one more tool to help the City achieve greater gun violence reduction while getting dangerous weapons and criminals off the street.”

The City of Newburgh Police Department is committed to the reduction of illegal gun use and has been actively working to reduce gun violence through multiple evidence based strategies. The implementation of the ShotSpotter technology will further enhanced safety and security in the City of Newburgh. The ShotSpotter technology is a series of audio sensors deployed around the city. When a gunshot goes off, the sensors triangulate the sound and pinpoints the number of shots fired and the location.

ShotSpotter trained acoustic experts review and qualify all gunfire incidents and alert law enforcement immediately, all within a minute, and usually within 30 seconds, of the gunshot occurring. ShotSpotter instantly notifies officers of gunshot crimes in progress with real-time data delivered to dispatch centers, patrol cars and even smartphones. First responders receive precise gunfire incident information, allowing informed decisions for faster emergency response while also improving situation intelligence and increasing first responder safety.

ShotSpotter gunfire data also enables law enforcement agencies to improve evidence collection, prosecution and overall police effectiveness. ShotSpotter is installed in more than 90 cities across the United States and the world.

The City of Newburgh still needs the community’s help in reducing gun violence. Technology alone won’t stop the violence, but this system will help speak for those who might be too afraid to call police. All citizens are reminded to call the police with any information or suspicious activity.

More information on ShotSpotter is available at www.ShotSpotter.com


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