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Charlie Cornacchio

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Uniting women of the community and promoting positive relationships, wellness and self-esteem.

On Saturday, July 8, 2017, Rebuilding Our Children and Community will host their 1st Annual Women’s Empowerment Event from 9:30am-1:30pm at the Family Partnership Center in Poughkeepsie. The Women’s Empowerment Event, titled, United We Stand, marks the organization’s first event at their new location.

The purpose of the Women’s Empowerment Event is to unite women of the community and to promote positive relationships, wellness and self-esteem. The event is free to the community and will consist of workshops, women owned entrepreneurs, a guest speaker and a panel discussion on overcoming challenges that women face.

Shantel Brodhead

This event will showcase talent from the Hudson Valley.  Kingston raised, Shantel Brodhead will be the event’s guest speaker. Shantel is currently a Student Success Coordinator where she is responsible for creating a culture of love, support, stability and high expectations for low income, underrepresented, first generation college-going students at David Starr Jordan High School in North Long Beach, California.

Ebony Troncoso

Former Dutchess Community College attendee, Ebony Troncoso will be present at the event showcasing her newly published book, Mommy and Me, which is available now on Amazon.

Plus many more talented individuals!

Join us for a day of uplifting, positivity and a celebration of the women of our community!

Rebuilding Our Children and Community is a community organization located within the Family Partnership Center at 29 N. Hamilton Street in Poughkeepsie. The organization was founded in 2015 and focuses on providing resources to community members through interactive events, workshops and programming. For more information on Rebuilding Our Children and Community visit their website

Contact Satara Brown by phone 845-857-9265 or by email for more information on the Women’s Empowerment Event.



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