Kathy Welsh

Kathy Welsh

Union Vale First in Dutchess to Pass Pollinator Protection Policy

Photo by Kathy Welsh

UNION VALE – On June 15, 2017, the Town of Union Vale, including their Parks and Recreation, and with the guidance of the Hudson Valley Swarm Bee and Pollinator Organization agreed not to purchase or use any neonicotinoid pesticides on park and town property and will seek to use only pollinator-friendly methods of weed and pest control.

Union Vale’s Tymor Park is the largest municipal park in New York State with over 500 acres. The decision by the Town of Union Vale and Parks and Recreation demonstrates Union Vale’s commitment to a healthy environment for people as well as our pollinators and wild life, said Deb Jarry of the Hudson Valley Swarm Bee and Pollinator Organization.

Now and for the foreseeable future it will be Pesticide Free Pollinator Habitat.

Union Vale joins over 150 municipalities, retailers and states that are leading the way in pollinator protection, said Jarry.

“It is clear to me that chemicals have negative effects on all life forms, not just the unwanted pests.  When the Hudson Valley Swarm approached our town, myself and the majority of the Board felt as though we could make a difference by starting here at beautiful Tymor Park.  By passing this policy, we hope that other towns and even homeowners will try to become more aware of the negative impact that pesticides can have on our lives, health and habitat,” said Union Vale Supervisor Patty Tompkins.

Tymor Park’s Head Groundskeeper Jake Gosnell said, “After doing some research into the different options for eco-friendly weed killer alternatives, I came to the conclusion that it was something that could be done relatively easily in our parks. To keep harmful chemicals away from the people and animals who come to enjoy the outdoors and especially the kids that we have here for camp during the summer.  It just seemed like the correct thing to do, as someone who spends the majority of my time outside, it just made sense.”




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