Kathy Welsh

Kathy Welsh

HUDSON VALLEY – Mysteries for Charities, by Hudson Valley author Gene Damm, are a series of books involving a fictional detective who helps police with seemingly unsolvable crimes.

Hudson Valley Resident Writes Mysteries for Charities

Gene Damm

Mr. Damm said he enjoys reading good mystery novels and decided to write a series suitable for all ages devoid of foul language and obscenities.

Royalties for the first book in the series “Death Took A Dive” benefited the National Down Syndrome Society. A second book in the series is nearly completed and will benefit an Autism Society, said Damm.

The author explains in the first novel in a series, Detective Andreas Bauer looks into the death of a lifeguard.  The boy’s grandmother hires Andreas Bauer to prove that the death was not accidental and to bring the killer to justice. Bauer’s wife helps him in overcoming his frustrations in the early stages of the case by quoting fictional detective idols he studied when he was a young boy. Prior to, and during this case, he provides innovative solutions to solve other crimes.

His prior books have been on competitive swimming and he has now turned his writing talents to writing mystery novels benefiting various charities.

Hudson Valley Resident Writes Mysteries for CharitiesHis novels involve both technological solutions to crimes and educating the general public on the capabilities rather than the disabilities of children associated with the causes he donates the royalties.

Mr. Damm has a master’s degree in Organic Chemistry from Dartmouth College. He worked for IBM for 30 years receiving five Invention awards, one Outstanding Contribution award, well as a Good management award. He also coached swimming for 50 years, and at age 83 still volunteers as a swimming coach three days a week. He holds the American Swimming Coaches Association’s highest level for Age Group and Senior swimming.

At the time he received his level dive status, he was one of only a dozen coaches in the country to achieve that combined status. On his website coachdamm.com, readers will not only be able to see write-ups on his books but can ask questions for free stroke analysis.

His next novel is expected to be out before the first of the year and will feature, what at first glance, appears to be a crime going unpunished.

Part of the dedication in his first mystery novel is to two young girls with Down Syndrome that he had the privilege of knowing. One of them was on a CYO swim team that he and his wife coached. Damm is an inducted member of the Dutchess County Sports Hall of Fame as well as the Mount Saint Mary College Hall of Fame.


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