This week on the Weekend Warrior Playbook, Dr. Justin Feldman discusses the importance of making the lunge a part of your daily exercise routine.  This foundational exercise can help each person with the basic every day movements used around the house, at work, playing sports and during workout routines.

Last week we discussed the Squat movement.  This week’s lunge exercise builds right on top of the squat exercises we performed.  Your legs are your mobility.  Every sport makes use of a strong base and conditioned legs.  The lunge can be done with no weights at all, or with a significant amount of weight, all depending on your physical condition and training goals.

Watch the video at least 3 times before you try the exercise. Make sure you understand the movement and make sure to adapt every exercise to your personal fitness level.

As with all exercise, please check with your Doctor to make sure these exercises are safe for you to perform.



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