Paula Mitchell

Paula Mitchell

GOSHEN–Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler released intense footage on Thursday from a police body-camera worn by an officer responding to a domestic dispute earlier this week, which resulted in the shooting of an area police chief and death of the suspect.

Hoovler told the press that he released the footage “to ensure public confidence in the integrity of the investigation.”

In the May 16 incident, town of Montgomery and Maybrook Police Chief Arnold “Butch” Amthor suffered a non-life threatening gunshot wound to his upper torso while  he and others were inside the third-floor apartment at 812 Abbey Ave. in the village of Maybrook.


Orange DA Releases Body Cam Video of Tuesday Shooting

Anthony Bostick

in the day, SWAT teams found Anthony Bostick, 28, dead from an apparent gunshot wound. It’s unclear if he died from a gunshot fired by police or from a self-inflicted wound.

The district attorney will lead the investigation with support from state police and a parallel probe by an Orange County grand jury, Hoovler said.

“Since it is apparent that Mr. Bostick was armed with an operable pistol at the time that police officers fired their weapons, the incident does not fall within the Executive Order appointing the Attorney General as a special prosecutor,” he said.

The footage shows police gaining entry to the apartment, where a domestic dispute between Bostick and his girlfriend was underway.

Bostick, who was facing a misdemeanor charge related to the dispute, refused to surrender and fired a pistol at police, striking Amthor before an officer returned fire.

About nine seconds after police fired the last shot, another shot is heard coming from the room where Bostick had been firing from, leading the police officers in the apartment to believe he may have killed himself.

Police retreated from the apartment until additional manpower could be brought to the scene.

Hoovler did not confirm at a Tuesday press conference that Bostick may have been hit by a police bullet, but he repeatedly told reporters that if it occurred, it was “justifiable.”



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