Charlie Cornacchio

Charlie Cornacchio

News Anchor

I find Will Smith one of the smartest people in the entertainment industry.  The intelligence I speak of is that of self awareness.  He is inspirational not just in his accomplishments but in his ethics, values and inner focus.  Listen to him and pull out what you think works best for you.

What is it that motivates you?  Is it fear?  Is it money, fame, accomplishment, pride?  What is your driving factor?  Once you answer that question that ask yourself, Why?  Why is that your motivation?  When you come up with your why, then ask why again?  Do that 5 times. Once you have the answer to your 6th why, if you have answered honestly, then you will really know the answer to what your real motivation is.

Remember: It only takes a moment of inspiration to create a lifetime of change.”

Now, go change someone’s life.


Frank De Raffele


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