Kathy Welsh

Kathy Welsh

MIDDLETOWN – Orange & Rockland (O&R) has awarded an energy-efficiency rebate of $89,500 to President Container Group II, LLC, one of the largest corrugated packaging manufacturing plants in North America.

O&R’s Rebate Brightens President Container’s Future 

On one of the packaging lines in President Container’s ‘Super Plant’ facility in Middletown, are, from left: O&R’s Energy Services’ Jeremy Scott and Kevin Pfeil, President Container Group Vice President of Operations Richard Goldberg and Big Shine Energy’s Merealess Ferreira. Photo provided

The rebate is directed at the Middletown firm’s $325,000 project to replace over 6,000 fluorescent lights and 250 sensors at its Ballard Road ‘Super Plant’ complex with new, high-tech, energy-efficient LED lights and fixtures. The Super Plant is a 522,000 sq.-ft. manufacturing facility employing over 300 people.

Big Shine Energy, the Newburgh company performing the work, estimates the new lights will result in the elimination of over 1,470 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s equivalent to the emissions from more than 310 cars or over 150 households over one year.

Big Shine Energy calculates that the annual energy savings achieved through replacing President Container’s current lights with LED lights totals about 2,102,652 kWh each year with an energy cost savings of approximately $252,000 annually.

O&R’s $89,500 incentive is part of its commercial and industrial energy-efficiency programs.

President Container Group’s Vice President of Operations Richard Goldberg said, “Big Shine did a fantastic job from the initial scoping exercise through the massive undertaking of installing over 6,000 LED tubes and fixtures in our manufacturing facility. This furthers our commitment to the environment as an adjunct to our solar generation system “

He added, “We are pleased to work with Big Shine and look forward to other opportunities in the future as technology becomes available.”

Big Shine Energy’s Merealess Ferreira said, “It was a pleasure to work with President Container Group (PCG) on this project. As a company that provides turnkey solution services, Big Shine Energy was dedicated to helping PCG accomplish their energy and cost savings goal. Being able to develop and manufacture our own lighting technology gave us an edge over other lighting sources PCG was considering.”

Ferreira added, “We’re determined to propose cutting edge technology to all of our customers and as an energy conservation company we look forward to helping many more companies in Orange County make the change to an energy efficient solution.”

O&R President and CEO Tim Cawley said, “This is an excellent example of how O&R partners with its customers to help them save energy, save money and save the environment. Reducing energy use is part of a sustainable business model that helps all of our customers provide for a more secure future. Energy-efficient technology reduces both operating costs and our customers’ carbon footprint.”

He added, “Energy-efficient equipment ends up paying for itself through monthly bill savings combined with the rebates that O&R provides. And, once the energy-efficient investment is recovered, those bill savings continue year after year.”

O&R energy efficiency programs are aligned with the New York State Public Service Commission’s (PSC) “Reforming the Energy Vision” initiatives to modernize the state’s energy utility industry. Among those initiatives are programs to motivate and empower customers to better understand and take control of their energy use as President Container has done.

O&R’s energy-efficiency programs have provided 22,000 customers who have invested in energy-saving equipment since 2009 over $22 million in rebates. Those programs have cut energy usage by over 117,000 MWh, slashed carbon emissions by over 32,000 tons and reduced peak electric demand by over 26 MW.

That 117,000 MWh is enough energy to power over 14,000 homes, and is equivalent to taking over 5,300 cars off the road. The 26 MWs of peak electric demand savings is enough to meet the peak demand needs of four Palisades Malls.

To learn more about O&R energy efficiency programs, visit us at www.oru.com/save.


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