Kathy Welsh

Kathy Welsh

GOSHEN – The Orange County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Group was selected as one of eight Tactical Teams from across the State to participate in the inaugural Tactical Week at the State Preparedness Training Center.

OCSO to Attend Inaugural Tactical WeekThe New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services is hosting this new event, with support from UAlbany’s National Center for Security and Preparedness.

The purpose of Tactical Week is to bring advanced Tactical Teams together for cutting edge, contemporary training based on the most current threat environment. Tactical Week will complement and build on other training for Tactical Teams conducted at the SPTC, including Close Quarter Tactics and Advanced Tactical Team Scenarios.

The event will feature two full days of advanced skills lanes and a final day of scenarios, based on recent events from across the globe. Tactical Week will also feature a competitive element, a suggestion provided by Tactical Teams statewide during initial planning for this event.

The final scenario of Tactical Week will feature an integrated response by all eight of the Teams participating in the training, with heavy emphasis on coordination and planning.

The following agency Tactical Teams have been selected for participation in Tactical Week: Albany Police Department, Erie County Sheriff’s Office, Madison County Sheriff’s Office, Metro SWAT Team – Utica Region, Nassau County Police Department, New Rochelle Police Department, Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the White Plains Police Department.

Orange County Sheriff Carl E. DuBois stated, “that the use of tactical units has become a necessity in this day and age and my office will always promote further training and cooperative training initiatives with other agencies.”



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