Kathy Welsh

Kathy Welsh

POUGHKEEPSIE – U.S. Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer called on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to immediately expedite approvals for a riverfront dock expansion project at Quiet Cove Riverfront Park in Poughkeepsie.

Feds Urged to Expedite Approvals for Dock Expansion Project

Photo: Dutchess County Govt.

Schumer said the proposed plan will increase and enhance recreation access to the Hudson River. Specifically, Schumer said the project should not be delayed because of bureaucratic red tape which could prevent the county from moving forward with construction. Schumer urged USACE to work with the town to get this project over the finish line and put USACE on notice to expedite Poughkeepsie’s application.

“This project could be a significant boost for tourism for Poughkeepsie and provide new Hudson River access for residents.  Since the opening of the park, the recent renovations made at Quiet Cove Riverfront Park have added to the livelihood of Poughkeepsie but there is still more to be done. Projects like this one are a huge draw and bring visitors, economic growth and other benefits to communities like Poughkeepsie, which is why I am demanding that the Army Corps of Engineers step up to the plate and swiftly review and approve this  permit for a second dock here on the Hudson River,” said Senator Schumer.

Schumer explained that Dutchess County has recently implemented renovations to the Quiet Cove Riverfront Park including a newly renovated shoreline, boat launches for canoes and kayaks, and a waterfront observation deck overlooking the Hudson River. The park which opened for the season on April 15, 2017, is still undergoing renovations which include a critical 2nd dock which would be used to increase access to the Hudson River for fishing and other recreational activities. The first ACOE permit for the dock project was issued in March 2013, but as project issues arose in 2015, the permit expired. The first dock was built two years ago while the second parallel observation dock has been stalled waiting for ACOE permit reapproval since it’s expiration. Dutchess County is awaiting ACOE approval for the second dock.  Schumer said the permit will complete a series of recent renovations to the park and have a meaningful impact on Dutchess County outdoor recreation and be a hub for visitors and tourist alike.

The County applied for a permit to proceed with building the second dock on the river. Schumer is stepping in to help Dutchess County cut through the red tape after learning that they are now applying again. Schumer said ACOE must make an effort of working with local officials to make sure the project is reviewed and approved as soon as possible.

Schumer was joined by County Executive Marc Molinaro, President & CEO of Dutchess Tourism Inc. Mary Kay Vrba, Commissioner of Public Works Robert Balkind, and Poughkeepsie Supervisor Jon Baisley.

Dutchess County Executive Marcus J. Molinaro said, “Dutchess County’s parks are a particular source of pride, and I thank Senator Schumer for identifying the beauty of Quiet Cove Riverfront Park and for his support of this new recreational dock. By calling the Army Corps of Engineers to expedite the permit process, he recognizes the value of this project and its benefit to Dutchess County residents. This new dock would be the latest asset at Quiet Cove, a park enjoyed by both local residents and visitors to our county, and it would add to the strong sense of community that makes us distinctly Dutchess.”

“Outdoor activities are a major draw with our parks, rail trails and events on the Hudson River. Senator Schumer’s continued support and recognition of Dutchess County’s scenic beauty, like Quiet Cove Park, is greatly appreciated and adds to quality of life for our residents and visitors across the county and state,” said Mary Kay Vrba, President & CEO of Dutchess Tourism, Inc.

Located in the Town of Poughkeepsie, Quiet Cove Riverfront Park offers valued outdoor recreation for Dutchess County.  Totaling 27 acres, this former portion of the Hudson River Psychiatric Center property was retained by the state at the county’s encouragement for the creation of a riverside park.  The park offers picnic tables, fishing, walking trails and scenic overlooks on the upper section of the park and breathtaking views of the Hudson River.

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