The senator from New York fights to keep funding for crucial feminine health service protection.  

WASHINGTON–Senator Kirsten Gillibrand gave a testimony in Washington Monday afternoon to urge her fellow politicians to oppose the Title X Congressional Review Act resolution of disapproval.


Sen. Gillibrand Urges Support for Women Health Services

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

This resolution would overturn a federal regulation that prohibits states from discriminating against family planning health care providers, therefore taking away crucial health care services for millions of women across the United States. These plans include crucial primary, preventive, and reproductive services for women.

“I am struggling to understand why, amid all of the problems we have to solve here in this country and around the world, why this Congress seems to have such a singular fixation on controlling women’s access to basic health care,” said Gillibrand. “This legislation is so far out of touch with the actual needs of our constituents.”

The senator urged that this bill would most deeply affect women in rural communities and small towns with less opportunities than those in bigger areas. She believes that the need for basic health options such as contraceptive counseling, cancer screenings, and educated medical expertise are not something that should be sectionalized.

“I continue to be amazed by how little empathy there seems to be for the millions of women in our country who don’t have the resources to travel to major hospitals outside of their communities, and desperately need these local clinics to stay healthy,” said Gillibrand.

The senator started her remarks by directing them towards President Trump, who was not in attendance on the floor. She finished her speech with a call to action towards her peers.
“So I urge my colleagues in this chamber, when it’s time to vote on this legislation, think about the women who live in your states,” said Gillibrand. “This bill would hurt them. It would make their lives harder, not easier. We all have a responsibility to stand up for the women in our states, and that includes defending their access to health care and basic family planning services.”



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