Charlie Cornacchio

Charlie Cornacchio

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Today is International Women’s Day.  As a woman know that, You Are An Inspirational Woman.  You need to inspire yourself, your family members, your neighbors, your community and the world at large. You do this every day by the way you live your life. By being a role model you inspire others who respect and admire you to be like you.  Here is a great video of many inspirational women and their inspirational words.


Why am I, a man, writing this blog?  Because I am the son of an inspirational women, wife and mother.  I am the husband of an inspirational an powerful mother, business woman, sales professional and loving wife. I am the father of two wonderful daughters that are great friends, athletes, scholars and community workers.  I am a man that appreciates, respect and admires women, because without them in my life I would not have achieved anything I have in my life.

International Women’s Day is not just about women, but about all of us who would not be the person we are today without great, compassionate, inspirational and powerful women in our lives.


Remember: “It only takes a moment of inspiration to create a lifetime of change.   Frank J. De Raffele Jr.

Now, go change someone’s life!


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