By Anna Costanza
Health Quests Brings Giant Inflatable Walk-Through Exhibit to Dutchess County

MEGA Heart at the Poughkeepsie Galleria

POUGHKEEPSIE – Health Quest brought together family fun, and heart health this past Sunday, at the Galleria Mall with the MEGA Heart Walk-through Exhibit. The MEGA Heart is a giant inflatable heart that displays and explains all the important elements of the heart as a working muscle, as well as providing insight into different heart diseases. Vassar Brothers Medical Center, and The Heart Center, a division of Hudson Valley Cardiovascular Practice, P.C., sponsored the event in hopes of bringing awareness to heart health and heart disease during National Heart Month. The astounding 13 feet high, 15 feet wide, and 26 feet long blow-up exhibit attracted large crowds all day for an exciting and successful promotion of health in the Hudson Valley.

Entrance to MEGA Heart

The interactive exhibit allowed visitors to enter like blood cells into the heart, through the Inferior Vena Cava, and continue through the entire interior of the heart. The exhibit showcased important cardiovascular components and functions, while providing in depth displays of heart ailments, including Thrombus, Endocarditis, Ventricle Septal Defect, Plaque Buildup, and more. The exhibit attracted all sorts of people from the area, including SUNY New Paltz student, Emma Koch, who was shopping in the Mall when the MEGA Heart caught her attention, “as someone who values fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, I think it’s great to see how good health can really make a difference in the quality of your heart, and life overall.” She continued by saying, “it’s so important to have events like this in our local community; everyone knows we should be healthy, but things like this really emphasize, why.”

Health Quest’s John Nelson

The exhibit was a lively and vibrant addition to the Mall’s Center Court, that attracted an array of visitors all day long. Accompanying the walk-through exhibit, Health Quest provided various activities and resources, including live CPR demonstrations, a Jump Rope challenge, nutritionists to speak about heart healthy diets, and pharmacists to give insight and answer questions about various heart medications. Health Quest’s John Nelson emphasized the importance of having the event be kid-friendly, “Interest in exercise starts young, so it’s important to create good habits now.” For John, the event really allowed “parents to learn, and kids to enjoy,” making it an environment for people of all ages. John also spoke about Health Quest’s, Get Fit Hudson Valley Challenge, a six-week fitness journey where participants log their activity and potentially win prizes, including gift cards, water bottles, hydration packs, and even possibly, an Apple Watch. Health Quest brought the exhibit to Dutchess County to move forward their Hudson Valley health initiative. The event took only about a month to put together, and Health Quest made sure to get Vassar Brothers Medical Center and The Heart Center involved. 

Vassar Brother pharmacist Robert Phillips

The Vassar Brother Medical Center Department of Pharmacy was present to answer any and all questions regarding heart disease and the many medications used to treat them. They also provided information on the most common heart diseases including, Heart Failure, Arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm), Atrial Fibrillation (Type of Arrhythmia where the heart beats too fast), and Angina (Chest pain from lack of oxygen). Robert Phillips, a Pharmacist at Vassar Brothers said he was, “excited to get exposure for pharmacists in a hospital situation, and show how they help patients get safe and effective care by monitoring medication and working with doctors to get them out as quickly as possible.”

The event brought together heart education and family fun to bring awareness to America’s number one killer, heart disease. 

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