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KATONAH – Dr. Win Chang attributes the genesis of his ShoulderSphere invention to his allergy to cats.  When his four year old daughter begged for a kitten ten years ago, Dr. Chang knew he couldn’t fulfill her dream because of his sensitivity to cats, so he bought some cat toys, and then went out and got her a dog.

the-inventor-288x300One of the cat toys Chang bought was a classic plastic ball with a smaller ball and bell inside.  “I was experimenting on my daughter,” recalls Chang.  “I was trying to see her reaction time as I moved the cat toy from side to side.  In about ten minutes of playing with this toy I realized my arm was extremely fatigued, despite being in good physical condition”.

It was then, that he had his epiphany that led to the prototype and several revisions of what is now known as the ShoulderSphere; an exercise devise that strengthens all of the rotator cuff muscles in a simultaneous and multi directional manner.


The ShoulderSphere is attached to the wrist via a contoured splint that immobilizes wrist motion. Inside each ShoulderSphere is a small ball that varies in weights from 2 to 7 ounces. With the wrist locked in position, the rotator cuff is effectively isolated to do nearly all the work when the user spins the ball within the ShoulderSphere.

In its simplest form, the ShoulderSphere isolates the four muscles that make up the rotator cuff and forces those muscles to make the shutterstock122298685ShoulderSphere spin.  The exercise devise is mobile which allows the patient to move about without being tethered to thera-bands or weight training apparatus.  Additionally, the ShouldSphere allows for specific range of motion that each sport demands.

Statistic show that over five million people suffer from a form of shoulder pain each year.

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