By Jay Behrke

NEWBURGH – With the last debate of a seemingly endless presidential campaign upon us, it seems an appropriate time to visit “Politics and Power,” the new exhibit making a statement at the Ann Street Gallery in Newburgh. Running through Saturday, November 26, the installation highlights the works of twenty-six artists from “across the nation and abroad, whose works are focused on relevant key political and social issues.”

“I was hoping that we could create a safe space within the gallery,” informed Director and Curator Virginia Walsh, “where our viewers can come in and look at the work and have dialog with other viewers and be able to discuss these issues, or the responses to the artists’ imagery, and discuss their views and perspective.”

Mission accomplished.


Artists featured: Celine Browing, Morgan Craig, Patricia Dahlman, Stephen Derrickson, James Ehler, Brian Gaither, Mona Gazala, Cheryl Harber, Andrew E. Johnson, Blazo Kovacevic, Marina Kuchinski, George Lorio, Kevin Mercer, Carl E. Moore, Hubert Neal Jr., Dave Pettengill, Dan Ran, Leslie Robinson, Jack Rosenberg, Bill Rybak, Martaleah Sandler, Jason Stout(TN), Jason Stout(TX), Dan Tague, Katee Woods, and Yatam Zahar

For more information regarding Politics and Power or the Ann Street Gallery, contact Virginia Walsh at (845) 784-1146, vwalsh@annstreetgallery.org, or visit www.annstreetgallery.org.


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