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Charlie Cornacchio

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Do you have this ongoing thought of, “Why am I not as successful as I want to be?”

I believe Success is simple to achieve, but not easy.  “Simple” means, it is not complicated to achieve the success you want in your life.  However,  “Not Easy” means, it does take work.

Here are my 4 Simple Steps to achieving success.

Know What You Want.Image result for know what you want

I don’t mean to state the obvious here but most people don’t really know what they want. They are not specific enough.  Saying that  you want to have a successful business that makes you very good money and allows you to work only 15 hours a week, is not being specific.  It is talking about the dream you want to achieve but it is not stating what you want your business to be when it is all grown  up.  Specific means knowing exactly what your business looks like and functions like so  you have a very clear picture of what you are going to build.  You are creating the machine that will deliver you the lifestyle you desire.  The more specific you are the more real it becomes and the easier it is for you to measure how close you are to achieving the success you want.


Know Why You Want It.Image result for Why?

It is like anything else in life.  If you don’t have a strong Why you will not follow through.  We all have many distractions in life.  If your why is not what drives you every day, then you will get distracted and find reasons why you cannot continue on your path to success achievement.  In the end, all the reasons you have are excuses.  A strong why stops you from identifying with the excuses.  Your strong why will wipe your excuses out and commit you to taking action (every day) toward your goal, No Matter What.


Know How You Are Going to Achieve It.  Image result for How?

When you first start working towards the success you want you may not have a great plan, or a good plan, or a plan at all. That is okay.  Get started and then do A LOT of research on HOW you should go about moving forward.  Put together an action plan that you believe in and allows you to measure your progress.  Without having measurable results you will get discouraged, frustrated and you will quit.  When you can measure your interim successes you re-inspire and motivate yourself to continue to move forward. Be open to making your plan better and remember, work as smart and productively as you can.  ‘Smart Working’ is always better than ‘Hard Working.’  Of course, that is assuming you are going to work hard at your smart plan!  LOL


Make Commitment and Consistency Your Best Friends.Image result for commitment and consistent

If you stay committed, which will come from your Why, then you will stay on the path of success.  Commitment means that No Matter What, you will do what needs to be done.  You have bought into your own why and you have committed your body, mind and spirit to achievement.  Consistency is the muscle builder of success.  If you don’t work at your desired success consistently then it will not be achieved.  You really can’t have one without the other.  Is it possible to be committed to something but not consistent? Can you be consistent but not committed?  I think not.

Those are my 4 Simple Key Factors to achieving the success you want. Don’t make it complicated. If you put these four in place nothing will be able to stop you.



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