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What are the 5 most popular hobbies?


5 Top Stress Relieving Hobbies





Seeing the world is the dream of many.  Paris, Rome, England, China and many more destinations are the type of trips people save up for.  Nobody enjoys the traveling part of travel, all love the destinations once they arrive.  If you don’t get stressed about lines, delays, planes or ships, then a travel vacation may be the perfect stress reliever for you.  Planning places you want to visit around the world can become a great hobby and help you check a couple of those items off your bucket list.



5 Top Stress Relieving Hobbies









Baking with  your kids or by yourself is a personal choice.  If you like variety or you want to specialize in breads, cupcakes, cookies, cakes or more, there is an plethora of options to keep you busy and truly enjoying your time being creative in the kitchen.  Many who back make it their weekend hobby and besides baking for their loved ones they will back for homeless shelters, domestic violence facilities, orphanages, kids with cancer and elderly homes.  Your baking is filled with love and spreading the love makes it that much better.



5 Top Stress Relieving Hobbies








Are you a weekend warrior?  If so, you are participating in a hobby that is one of the most popular in the world.  It can be rock climbing, to basketball; if you enjoy it then it will help you relieve stress and give you another creative and competitive outlet to focus on.  The extra benefit is that your sport will help you keep healthy, both mentally and physically.


Video Games

5 Top Stress Relieving Hobbies







Gamers are growing daily and are not just for the youngin’s any more.  There are more gamers of 40+  getting involved at a competitive level.  If you didn’t know, there is a whole sub-culture of gamers.  They don’t just game at home but go to gaming competitions.  Play in teams.  Wear team jerseys.  For those that play, they say it is addictive and it allows them to live of participate in an alternative life, for a little while.  Although it may be stressful when they are playing, it is the good kind of stress. Fun stress.  Does anybody remember, Pong?  That is my extent of gaming.  No more needs to be said.


Online Shopping

5 Top Stress Relieving Hobbies








I am very aware of how popular online shopping is, however, calling it a hobby is a little scary to me.  I think someone who has, as a hobby, online shopping, really has an addiction to shopping in their pajamas.  In contradiction of that, there have been studies that show when people buy “stuff” for themselves either online or in person, they relieve stress.  I think that is call retail therapy.  What I am most scared of, is that they combine online shopping with gaming.  Can you imagine, Competitive Shopping teams, tournaments and conferences.


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