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Charlie Cornacchio

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Do you have a hobby?

It is easy to get caught up in  your business, 7 days per week. You are always thinking of better ways to improve marketing, sales, products, systems and more.  As entrepreneurs our businesses are in our blood. It is part of us.  However, it  can wear you out and make you less productive instead of more.

You need to have a release.  Something you truly enjoy doing that allows you to do what  you want and distract you from your business brain.  The time we spend away from our entrepreneurial mind allows it to refresh and become smarter.

Each weekend we need a way to recharge and refresh oursleves.

Here are a few hobbies that might interest you:


If you cook every day during the week this may not be of interest to you.  However, if you are not the culinary expert in your home then taking the weekend to make one creative meal can be a lot of fun.  Many people find it a great creative outlet and satisfying, especially if they invite friends over for dinner.  When you prepare a meal for others you tend to take it more seriously and be more creative.



Scale Model Building.

  • Planes, cars,Entrepreneurs:  Got a Hobby? sailboats, ships, buidlings. These are all just examples of the many types of scale models that you can build.  This is a true love. It takes time, patience and a personality that loves exactness and detail. I know a few people that do this and they absolutley love.  Usually it’s not just the models they love to build but the history of the piece and the genre of their models.





Flower Arranging.

I never thought of this as a hobby and then I met a man and woman that LOVED doing this.Entrepreneurs:  Got a Hobby?  They spent their weekends coming up with creative new ways to arrange flowers. They then like to give them to people in need. They get their high from seeing the smile they put on people’s faces by surprising them with flowers.  It seems their hobby is really making people smile and flowers is their weapon of choice.



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