Charlie Cornacchio

Charlie Cornacchio

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Great customer service is not hard.  It takes knowledge, common sense, caring about people and wanting to give a great experience.

Here is the easiest way possible to take your customer service to another level.

Say: Please, Thank You and Excuse Me.  That’s it.

I know, what you are thinking.  “Really Frank.  This is the best you could come up with?  We all already know that.”  Of course you already know that but why the he_ _ are you not doing it?

You don’t believe that your people or businesses in general are not doing this?  Here is my challenge to you.  When you are out today in a store, when you walk in look at one of the people that work there and then say, Good morning or Good afternoon or Good evening. Whichever is applicable. Then take note, did you say it before you said it?

Then go to the next store and don’t say anything when you walk in or walk by someone who works there: do they say anything?  If they do say something, is it “Hello.”  “Hi.”  or the like?  Are you impressed yet?

When you decide to purchase and you have finished your transaction say, “Thank you.  Have a great day.”  Did you say it first or did they say it?

At the next store, don’t say anything after you purchase or as you are leaving? Do they say thank you?  Do they wish you a nice day?

This is the basics of what we learned in Kindergarten.  Always say please, thank you and excuse me.  Why don’t we do this in our basic, everyday transactions.

I will be with my daughter and whatever store we walk out of I will make sure I say to the employee, “Thank you, have a great day.”   Many times they will then say, “Your Welcome, you too.”  Then I look at my daughter and say, “Fail.”   I just purchased from YOU, how come you are not saying thank you to me?   If I say it first, why aren’t you saying back, “Thank you. We truly appreciate your business.  Have a great day and we hope to see you again.”  Is that difficult?

You want to be the store, the business with great customer service?  Start with the basics.  If everyone in your organization is extremely friendly, upbeat, positive and gives positive energy  to all who come in, your store will act as a magnet to people.  They will come back time and time again and they will tell everyone they know how wonderful “it” is.

A great customer experience does not cost anything. It just takes a little effort and awareness. It just takes people wanting to give people a great experience.

So, let me say, “Thank you, for reading this article and let you know how much I appreciate you using HVNN.Com as your local news resource.  Please come back again and have a great day.”

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