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Frank De Raffele

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1. Recharge Your Brain
The stress of running your own business can be great.  Physcically you work a lot of hours and more than likely, you don’t sleep as well as you should.  The weekend needs to be a time to relieve some stress and give your brain a chance to relax and recharge.  By giving it time to rest, by letting it have fun, you will come back to work with a different energy and a more creative way of thinking.


2. Sit With It Then Write About It
I love meditation.  When I first started and I had a lot of questions, the respone from my teacher was, “Sit with it.”  By spending time alone, in silence, and just letting your mind meditate on “nothing”  you will allow yourself to work through “stuff.”  Meditation is not about do nothing, it is about letting activity inside you happen. Start with a quite, still 5 minutes.  See if you can build up to 15 and maybe more.  However, 15 will be hard enough.  When you finish your meditation for the day it is an excellent opportunity to free write or journal. Experts agree that free writing during regular scheduled times can lead to answers to problems, discovering new goals and insight into your direction for the future.


3. Technology Free
No phones, no texting, no computers, no technology allowed for one full day.  Can you do it?  Pick either Saturday or Sunday and choose to unplug. Taking a break from your devices for a day is beneficial both mentally and physically. Constantly being connected and checking email, social media and the places you visit online can drain both your energy and your creativity.



4. Reflect and Reward
Reflect on the last week and find your AFIs.  (Areas For Improvement)  Think of how you can do better next time.  Know why you made certain choices and how you would come to that decision differently next time.  Then find the things you did well and reward yourself.  We all make msitakes every single day.  You will never be perfect.  Mistakes are moments for learning and allow you to be more experienced.  However, making good decisions are not as easy.  Be proud of them and reflect on why you made that good decision and how that will benefit you or the company now and in the future.  This will train you to think the correctly more often.



5. Lay Out Your Week Ahead

The successful entrepreneur doesn’t wait until Monday morning to plan for the week. Sunday is the perfect day to sit down and draw a plan. After spending time reflecting on the prior week, you will have a good idea of what you need and want to accomplish. Use this time to schedule important tasks, phone calls and face-to-face meetings that align with your goals. Planning out the entire week ahead as much as reasonably possible guards against missed opportunities and costly errors.  This organizing should be a time to relieve stress not build it. You are organizing your week so you know what is coming and don’t have to think about it anymore. Let your mind be free.

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