Charlie Cornacchio

Charlie Cornacchio

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Frankly Inspired: 33,000 Smiles – Watch this moving and viral video from CBS.

Imagine you lost your Dad when you were less than 6 years old.

Now, imagine you lost  your Mom 2 years later……and, you were the one to discover her in her bed, dead.

How would that affect you, as a son or daughter, at a very young age?

This young man decided that he didn’t like seeing people unhappy and wanted to help make people smile and help make their lives happier.

He then employed is Aunt to help him achieve his goal of making others smile.

The reaction he received was better than he ever expected.

If a 6 year old can do this, why can’t we, everyday?

You make a difference in every life you touch. Why not choose to make it a positive difference. We have enough negative, dont’ we?

Watch this video and if it inspires you, then inspire someone else by sharing it with them. Touch someone’s life positively.


Remember: “It only takes a moment of inspiration to create a lifetime of change.”  Frank J. De Raffele Jr.

Now, go change someone’s life.


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