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Land Use Expert Kevin Dwarka Redesigns the City of Poughkeepsie.

Speaking before the Dutchess County Economic Development Corporation’s annual breakfast in June, keynote speaker and land use expert, Kevin Dwarka, spoke about his efforts to redesign Poughkeepsie’s urban landscape. He described Poughkeepsie as having the potential to be a “healthy city” – a city that provides advantages to pedestrian traffic.

Mr. Dwarka detailed the train station, the waterfront, its neighborhoods, historical buildings and Main Street as the city’s assets, but also as its challenges.


Overcoming the economic development challenges in the city is one task. Creating a common vision of a revitalized Poughkeepsie is another. Mr. Dwarka’s ideas involve reconnecting the city’s neighborhoods that for too long have been segmented from the downtown by the arterials and expanding the retail and commercial use of the areas around the train station and on Parker Avenue at the end of the Walkway.

The abbreviated version of Kevin Dwarka’s presentation above is simply some highlights. To fully understand his vision for the city and the methods by which he developed his recommendations, the complete, 30-minute presentation below is well worth investing the time to view.

  1. How can the City of Poughkeepsie ever be revitalized when its City Council works so hard to sell off any assets that might help revitalize the city as quick as it can identify such an asset?

    As for Mr. Dwarka’s great vision, it really is not much when put to the test of revitalization. Nowhere in his vision is there any suggestion on how to make the Main Street an economically vibrant Main Street. Where is the “anchor” that will bring businesses that people want to shop in? Where is the discussion about the demographics? To suggest that running more bus service down Main Street will bring economic recovery is to not face reality.

    Until Mr. Dwarka addresses the core problems — such as the demographics and poor city governance — the problems that keep major retailers from building in the city and that keep people who live outside the city from shopping in the city, his “vision” isn’t much of a plan for the city’s revitalization as it is to move people from the train station to the Town of Poughkeepsie.

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