Kathy Welsh

Kathy Welsh

Goshen, N.Y. —

To celebrate Independence Day and promote financial incentives for residents who choose solar energy, Orange County and the Town and Village of Goshen have launched a state-supported solar education and group purchasing program.

Solarize Hudson Valley allows residents and small business owners to learn if their homes and buildings are a fit for solar electricity, identify options for purchasing or leasing it, and find out how to obtain affordable solar power. Solarize campaigns are taking off across the state with support from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s NY-SUN and Community Solar initiatives.

The Solarize campaign officially begins on July 8 with a launch event at 4 p.m. on 70 Sleepy Valley Road in Warwick.  Goshen will have their public launch the same day at 7:30 p.m. at Goshen Town Hall. Solarize representatives will attend both events and will be at other local events during the summer. All residents of surrounding communities are welcome at Solarize outreach events, which combine education, sociability and the opportunity to ask representatives questions.

“Goshen’s home and small business owners are enthusiastic about the opportunity to solarize our community, house-by-house and business-by-business,” said Kate Schmidt, a Planner with the Orange County Department of Planning. “We’ve studied the solarize program from top to bottom and couldn’t be more pleased to be selected. It’s a powerful way for our community to declare our energy independence.”

Solarize group purchasing discounts of up to 15 percent are available through November 15, 2015.  The program benefits businesses and homeowners who choose to go solar, by reducing the “soft costs” of marketing, while bringing communities together with pre-qualified installation firms and educational programming. In 2013, New York had the fourth-highest average electricity prices in the U.S. Most new solar homeowners approach energy independence within a few months and see significant long-term savings on their utility bills.


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