Donna Reyer

Donna Reyer

News Anchor

By Donna Reyer

Thursday, September 11th, a dedication was held  at the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum.  R. HERO – the 6 foot 150 pound turquoise pup was surrounded by over a dozen  fire, police and EMTs – they  gathered as a representation of our everyday heroes. R. HERO will now greet the children as they enter and serve as a reminder of the sacrifices our first responders make everyday. The sculpture was created by artists, Karen and Tony Barone and generously donated to the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum by Bunni and Rick Benaron.  Lara Litchfield-Kimber, Executive Director of the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum said, “R. HERO will be a visual reminder and conversation starter about what hero’s are made of–respect, honor, bravery and compassion for others.”

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